You can keep your books yourself or leave it to us. Moreover, we use scanning accounting to combine the best of both worlds.

We work with the following software solutions to respond to your wishes.

You keep your own books:

  • Proacc: a budget-friendly solution with a host of possibilities for extension.
  • Exact Online: an online package with extra modules for production environments, stock management, clocking in and out, etc. We can consult the accounts at any time and intervene in the event of any problems, questions, corrections or checks
  • EVA-Online: an online package that you can use to keep your own books, in which we can intervene to provide advice, corrections or checks if you wish.

You keep your own books:

  • Proacc
  • Expert/m

Scanning accounting:

For scanning accounting, we work with Yuki. This system allows you to scan your invoices yourself and we do the rest.

You only have to scan in the purchase invoices that you receive by post. Digital invoices can be sent to your accounts department by e-mail.

Sales invoices can be drawn up and sent via Yuki, which can also be used to automate follow-up and any reminders.

The system reads in the banks daily, without you having to do anything.

We process your documents within 24 hours after you have delivered them. So you can always count on up-to-date figures.
You always have your figures and documents to hand, even on the road. An app on your smartphone ensures that you always have the most recent information.

You therefore combine the best of both worlds: you have up-to-date figures to hand at all times and a correct view of your accounts payable and receivable. You can consult your documents whenever you wish. Without having to keep your own books and requiring shadow accounting in Excel. It couldn’t be easier!